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UV Print on Mount Aluminium, various sizes, 2023

Skins are explorations of the intersection of technology and humanity through a series of digital prints. Daria delves into the realm of the ambiguity of surfaces resembling human body, capturing its curvatures and ephemeral qualities of movement.

Devoid of any bodily recognition, these artworks challenge our perceptions of familiar forms, evoking the ethereal and the concealed. Pastel hues contrast with bold lines, creating a somber atmosphere that draws the viewer, transcending mere representation, instead, whispering secrets of existance.

SKINS:... can be work as a mask. SKINS can be ones celebration. SKINS can be ones comforting memory of a feeling. SKINS can be the barrier one overcame. SKINS probe the tension between our inner lives and outer selves. These prints tantalize us with glimpses of vulnerability and intimacy, a symphony of emotions, beckoning us to surrender to the allure of the unknown.

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